Netcam Studio - Push Notifications


Are push notifications feature currently running? I’m running 1.7.0 and I can’t find enableCentral option in config file…


That part is rewritten so when you login to the server with the Mobile App it asks if you want to enable push notifications. Check also the Rule Manager to enable push notifications.


You’re right. I’ve just disabled and enabled again push notifications in mobile app, and then just configured a rule.

What’s the quota with basic subscription? Free you’ve got just 5 notifications a day.


Ohhh! I forgot one thing.

I would like android app notifications to bypass do not disturb mode. This is something other apps let me to do in Android do not disturb config section, but Netcam Studio app doesn’t… Could you take a look?

I can post some screenshots if I didn’t explain it right.


I think it´s 200 or 250


Here you have two screenshots, comparison of notifications section for Netcam Studio, and a third party security app, with that option I describe enabled.


Forget it! I just discovered you can click on “push notifications”, and inside you can enable that bypass I was asking for.

Sorry to bother you. May be this post can help others

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