Netcam Studio 1.3.7 makes our Avtechc h264 dvr crash


We are using Netcam Studio 1.3.2 since february to retrieve rtsp streams (using RTSP_TCP option) from an Avtech H264 DVR and everything was working fine.
We upgraded Netcam studio to 1.3.7 last week and since then our DVR started to crash multiple times per day.

When I mean crash, the internal DVR webserver stops responding, while ping is still responding. We have to reboot our DVR to make it work again until the next crah.

We downgraded Netcam studio to 1.3.2 and everything went back to normal.

As the DVR is quite old and quite closed, I didn’t manage to get any logs from it and Netcam Studio didn’t show any specific errors excepted it couldn’t retrieve the streams.

On Netcam Studio, we also have an Terndnet IP cam wich was still working fine with 1.3.7 (also using RTSP stream).

Do you have any idea from where the problem can come from ?

Thanks for your help,



Hi Fred!
That your Avtech crashes for a new version of NCS sounds very mysterious.
I assume you use Custom URL in NCS for the connection so what is the URL you use, rtsp://xxxxxx ?
Between the crashes everything is normal and you can see the stream in NCS and record/motion …?



Thank you for your reply

Here is the URL we use to get stream from camera 1 (we have 5 cameras on the Avtech device) :


Between crashes, NCS and Avtech work fine ,as they do with 1.3.2.

Is it possible that new version of NCS uses more ressources on the Avtech compared to 1.3.2 ?


NCS 1372 use less resources than before so …
It is a rather big jump from 132 to 1372 and things have changed. When you installed 1372 did you just upgraded or did you do a clean installation? In the upgrade configuration files and settings are saved. In a clean installation you have to manually remove the settings an config files and start over again with the configuration. It might be a problem there with old files? That is one way to go. Another way is to go from version 132 to version 1368. Do you have access to version 1368?

I am also thinking about this part rtsp://:@ since the web server crashes the authentication process might be a problem. Can you set username and password in the Avtech? so it will be rtsp://username:password@xxxxxxx


I upgraded by simply installing 1.3.7 over 1.3.2 without a new configuration.

Regarding the url, it seems that the forum removed the terms login and password that I surrounded by less-than and greater than signs.
So the real url is the one you mention :wink:

And when the Avtech webserver crahes, it is also no more available in a web browser, not just the access to thhe streams.

Do you think that installing the new version from scratch can be a solution ?

Honestly, I don´t know what is going. Therefore, we have to test.

  1. to make a clean installation. Remove all config and setting files and then install 1372.
  2. I can send you NCS version 1368 that might be of interest to test.