Netcam Studio 1.5.2

Following the release of Netcam Studio 1.5.1, last week has been pretty intensive.

Despite it’s generally running well for most users, a few users have experienced issues. We have also received a couple of crash reports (always about the same 2 issues).

Several users have raised their concerns around the lack of pictures attachments / library reports by email so we have been working hard all week to address all these points.

1.5.2 is a quite big release with a lot of changes, some are a bit risky (new FFMPEG, new DevExpress, Rule Manager changes, etc…) so it now requires some testing but on the other end it should address what we have considered as the most important from all the feedback we’ve got on 1.5.1.

One thing is known as not working anymore (temporarily) is the Slack notifications but considering that probably nobody uses this at this time and in order to re-integrate email notifications, this one had to be sacrificed for the time being :slight_smile:

To be on the safe side: due to all these significant changes, It is recommended to first make a backup of the files located here:
C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server

And keep them together with the 1.5.1 installed in case it’s required to go back.

New Network Cameras Templates
Updated UI to DevExpress 2017
Updated FFMPEG to v3.3
Fixed potential crash when quitting settings screen
Fixed potential crash in Library Form
Fixed Test Connection was available before providing camera information
Fixed Netcam Studio Client token used in Library may expire
Fixed Netcam Studio may report an error Audio Codec not found on startup
Possibility to Disable / Pause video sources without having to disconnect them
Reintegrated the Email summary notifications that was missing in 1.5.1 (Library Report by Email)
Added possibility to attach images in Email notifications through the Rule Manager
Greying out Test Connection button if not template is selected
Automatically saving settings when a camera is added / removed
New set of default rules for the Rule Manager (requires deleting C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Rules.xml in case of an upgrade)

You can download 1.5.2 here:
Netcam Studio 1.5.2 (x86)
Netcam Studio 1.5.2 (x64)

In case of issues with this new version, please open a new topic rather than replying to this one.

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