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No just my lazy German Shepherd dog after lunch


I have used many camera programs, but I have never seen such a program in terms of monitoring and add-ons from a mobile phone. NCS is a super program. He watches my delights, follows honey movements in a superficial way, and immediately notifies me of the danger of being harassed, especially by the bears. I also share pictures of my beehives. Perfect in one word. I thank you for all your hard work.


I am pleased to give some feedback on the installation at Longos II Elementary School in the Philippines.
The installation has 20 IP cameras (640x480 is enough for our purpose) which are used for security and parent viewing. Thanks Netcam



I’m going on 10 months now after moving from another NVR program.

I currently have 6 cameras. 4 of them are 1280x720 or higher, and the other 2 are 640x480. With all of that, the little Mini ITX computer I built as a camera server never even goes above 30% CPU usage, and tends to average about 15%. I’m not sure if that’s considered good to other people, but with the programs I was using before, it wasn’t uncommon for the CPU to constantly run at 70% or more all the time.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the development pace and support here. Steve (and whoever else that I don’t know about) seems to always be improving the program, the web app, the mobile app, and being very good about providing updates and change logs about what’s going on. That’s really important to me, as I can see exactly what’s changing and see that they don’t just ignore customer feedback like a lot of companies.

In addition, Henrik’s support here is next to none. I’ve never been to a product’s support forums and found someone this dedicated to doing anything in his ability to fix a customer’s issue.

So, I don’t need any support. I just wanted to say that it’s working great for me and all of the recent updates have been welcome.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I think you describe very well what we at the Netcam Studio team try to accomplish! So thanks for your kind words and we will do our best to continue in this manner!

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I recently purchased NCS and can’t say enough good things about it…I currently have 12 camera’s running smoothly despite each one being a different brand, style and type. The support I have received is simply INCREDIBLE…I had one camera that I was about to give up on but not the support at NCS people…Henrik has been just incredible…he never gives up and has solved all of my problems and gotten everything running smoothly.

I highly recommend this software to anyone…

A few noob questions before possible purchase

I have to say wow,at the speed my cams are recording and playing live at,I did use Webcam XP and Webcam 7 years ago but then started to use Ispy,my god thats a processor hogger,on that my webcams would record at maybe 15 fps now using your software Net Cam Studio its runs at full speed at 30 fps…Thanks.using this from now on.I use it for recording my front door and the area outside so have 2 webcams looking outside.I remember using Webcam XP to connect to my cams via the internet,wow that was about 8 years ago,I think,I remember using my XDA phone to connect to it,Thanks for making a great piece of software we can use so easily.

Oh one more thing,I connect to my cams thorough Remote Desktop cos they are on another PC in my bed room and I am in my front room on my other PC here typing this. so all cool. They both run Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 17040


Hi Nick!
I also must start with a WOW! Thank you so much for this very fine and valuable feedback of Netcam Studio. During the last year we have been working a lot to make it much more efficient, i.e use much less cpu-load for a given setup. The market for high resolution megapixel cameras is increasing rapidly so to be able to use an affordable computer system that optimization is necessary. Also, a new web client have been developed and there are new icons in the user interfaces that we hope everyone likes as much as we do :slight_smile:

Thanks again and you know where to find us for questions and suggestions.
-Henrik and @Steve


Hi you can use my feedback that I posted the other day,I don’t mind.

Just started to use the client and it works great but I did notice that my cameras at night low in frame rate,so daytime run at 30 fps and night run at between 8 and 5 fps,must be the exposure of the cameras,the higher it is the lower the frame rate so less light coming into the lens.10 times better than ISpy program.You have to login to ISpy to see you cams online and need to pay a subscription to use its plus features and online is locked so you can only look online at your cameras locally without a subscription ,With Netcam Studio you don’t have to pay monthly,just pay for a licence.and I like how you give away licences too,see ISpy doing that… No.ISpy is very slow,the frame rate you can control but its not worth it when your camera is at 2 to 5 fps in the day,it because the program sends the cameras to there website and slows them down all the time.With this you have a choice to have it on a website or not.and control who is accessing the website so less cpu usage on your PC.Brilliant program “Dose what it says on the Tin”.simply.


I have been using NCS for just a few days. I have friends and family that swear by the package Arlo systems, but in just 2-3 days I have setup a nearly identical system to Arlo but at a fraction of the cost. I control how everything works via NCS with my own limitations, not limitations set on me by the vendor. NCS is exactly what I was looking for.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the kind words.
Yes, we like NCS a lot too :smile:


After testing many programs this is the best, in fact one of the few that can add latest type cameras. I also discovered digoo brand camera with better night vision than the eyes can see, complemented by net studio able to record to hdd or SD. Netcam studio works great in tandem with VLC player, they auto mesh. The licence link fails to take me to anywhere if I want to register, a fix that will enhance the organisation. Some new cams like fisheye and my new digoo are designed to not run on a PC but netcam studio detects them but others dont, in fact it detects my cam as all 4 foscam, onvif, lan and ipc, where onvif site fails to display video and sound, netcam studio onvif detection does better than the onvif site itself. Took a little tricking, login as admin and use password supplied with cam. Netcam studio gives more options than the digoo mobile phone software but can still use both at same time PC or phone live monitoring. Netcam studio has the email, SD, and PC file option to save recordings or images and easy to view, or convert. A more instant motion detection would be good, the license plate and speed detection is innovative but am too distant to test it properly but seemed to work allowing for out of distance location. I recommend people login to their router and add cam address, detected auto in most to ensure IP does not change. By far the best cam viewer overall.


Netcam studio is the one. it works far beyond a brand list, it keys into actual detection seeking onvif etc in fact its onvif detection gets me sound and video but onvif site detects cam but no video or audio, a good proof NCS has more advanced detection. I have many type cameras that are not in any makers lists and NCS detected them all, but too easy. I said this in my earlier post before reading this, you are now using the best ever program, wise choice.


May I ask one question please, that being, are there options to make motion detection record more instantly ? for example in a small distance, it triggers just as they leave the area not when they enter it. very high sensitivity is bad as trees often move, but even that seems to have a delay in triggering. The threshold setting sounds like it wont be too relevant. Do you think, this might be a comms issue between cam and modem making a triggering delay? and if so, can communication with cameras over-ride this in the program somehow. Everything is better than perfect, this is the only glitch I have and is not a software issue but maybe software works can create a com solution. Thank you


Hi and thanks for all the kind words!
Interesting question. What is the resolution of the cameras that you use?