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Hi there Henrik, it is well deserved, you are innovative and passionate.
even got a great sense of humor I noticed haha.

Resolution is HD 960P, 1,300,000 Pixel H.264 Compression

I was not surprised to later read others saying things I had said, and,
there are millions of businesses in the world using outdated cumbersome
camera monitoring software, whereby your program is a no-brainer to
replace them with, a big market if you started with a marketing manager.

I was an ex hacker in earlier PC years and found and discovered some new
amazing abilities, it seems you have with your area of expertise, it
spoke for itself by doing what onvif site cant do and recognised unknown
late model cams that were designed not to be able to be used with PC
software. It was also nice to see you get out personally with your
customers and in a genuine way.

Great work.


Brian “Australia”


An Owl for an Owl :wink:


Yummy :smile:
Thanks a lot for this excellent video!


Sorry but this was for summer 2017? Netcam Studio 2?
Please, tell us if you are working on new versions or it’s just another abandoned project.


Hi there!
Thank you, we are alive and kickin! No intention to abandon Netcam Studio. For about a year ago we had a very intense development process to shape up both performance and design. Today the pace is slower, but we are working. Version 2 was my fault where I was a little bit to enthusiastic :blush:. We take version 1.8 and 1.9 first :slightly_smiling_face:
The development of IP cameras have made a jump in increased redolution on short time to an affordable cost. This inturn affect the need for more processor power, new compression algorithms etc.

So thanks for your concern and positive feedback in forum and support mail!

Best Regards,
Henrik and the Netcam Studio team.

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I have been using NCS for around 6 months now, after moving from another DVR program. Even though I only had 2 cameras, I purchased the license as I was so impressed by the software, just to help support future development etc. I have since added a third camera and have had no issues. I’m running windows 7 on the server and have only rebooted it once (due to hardware failure, not NCS) in 6 months. Recording quality is amazing and remote access is seemless from anywhere. Keep up the great work @Henrik and the team! :slight_smile:


Hi there!
Thank you very much for the kind words! We are doing our best to continue keeping it that way :slight_smile:


I appreciate that development takes time, and I can see you clearly have a road map. I’m very pleased with Netcam Studio and mention it whenever I can.

If my testing of the Wyze v2 RTSP firmware is successful, I will end up with many more cameras and a need for a license, so I am keen to see how NCS moves forward. Keep at it!