Neverending test


I tried to “test” a connection when adding a camera (the one that do UDP only but that is set as TCP by default) but looks like it went into endless loop… had to kill NetcamStudio task, I did not changed the RTSP_TCP to RTSP_UDP before pressing the test button, in fact I pressed it by mistake but it was a good thing because it showed this problem.

Hi there,

At it again, good :slight_smile: That Test connection is based on what information is entered in that Network camera tab. What I can see that tab is not used at all and no information is entered in the fields so that button should not even be used. But, then we have user like you that must click on every button end test :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and in this case the result was not so good. Well, I sort of agree with you that tte Test button should be grayed out when no information is entered in the fields.
@steve can fix this :slight_smile:
What´s next on your list? Keep it coming :slight_smile:


No problem, bugfinder is my second name :wink: as I said this one has been discovered because I clicked on it too soon by mistake but as it went into endless loop forcing me to kill the NCS process, yes it could be usefull to gray the button until everything is filled or let it ungrayed but popup an alert nox “Missing paremeters to proceed test”