No Livestream and lost configuration

yesterday I installed the Software and tested with a TrendNet IP310PI. I could see the “livestream” but it was only a picture every 4 seconds. The WLAN/LAN connection is good and with synology survellancestation the stream is continuously.
The second problem is, that when I startet the software today the camera wasn’t embedded and I has to reconfigure again. Can you tell me where the configuration will be saved ?
Thanks for help :slight_smile:


ps. CPU Intel I7 (20%), RAM 6GB 40%) LAN (Gbit) < 2%

Please post a link to log files or copy the startup logs here. Without any information it’s hard to tell…

ok - I tested at weekend and I think to know the problem. If You take the template of TrendNET IP310PI, both channel-configurations (jpeg channel1 and 2) will send the 3M-Stream. On all other video presets (mpeg, rtsp) no stream is visible. Perhaps the 3M-Stream has to many data and so only a picture every 4 seconds is displayed. If I take the custom configuration with mjpeg-stream and the following url “http://xxx:xxx@” I get the livestream of the second camera-channel with a lower resolution.