ONVIF camera do not show uo in device browser

Hi again! I just bought a professional camera Alive AL-IPD 14 which states it is ONVIF compliant. When I use the Device Browser for ONVIF it do not show up. I can connect using rtsp_tcpip to h264 so the camera is there. It also shows up using ONVIF Device Manager. I have red the other posts in the forum, but … Hm, to onvif browser to find it maybe there must be a template?

No there is no template using ONVIF. I still don’t know why some devices are showing up and some other do not using our implementation of ONVIF detection.

Since my latest modifications and updates of the onvif references, all the cameras I have that are ONVIF compliant do show up. I will be able to further investigate this once I get new onvif hardware that is not detected but currently it’s a bit complicated…

I have also Synology NAS and the Surveillance station found the ONVIF with no problem and used a generic onvif file. Please, let me know if I can be of any help to support you with data from my Alive camera and ONVIF Device Manager or anything else that can help to solve the problem.
Regards, Henrik