ONVIF PTZ possible or not?


I have read my eyes sore in here trying to figure out what works or not before using several hundreds of dollars.

Trying to find cameras that have ready made templates in Netcam Studio is very difficult, at least if I want a camera not shipped across this planet.

Most of the cameras that have templates, is already old/outdated or at least not for sale anymore.

In this forum post, its stated that ONVIF and PTZ is a no go. Is that a fact?

Or are there happy endings to similar stories in here where new cameras with ONVIF will work with PTZ in Netcam Studio?


Advice of purchase

Having an up-to-date list of supported cameras is I impossible since the number of cameras have exploded on the market. Most of the cameras today comply with the standard ONVIF which Netcams Studio also support. For video/audio this works very well. For PTZ this can still be some difficulties since the manufacturers do not fully implement onvif. There is some correlation to low cost cameras.
Network Cameras is the category for this.


I have 4 PTZ cameras connected over onvif.
PTZ is working, but the current Netcam software has a bug. When you stop moving, it sends a Stop - Start - Stop, which is really annoying. Sometimes it sends only a stop - start, which means, that the camera don’t stop moving.
I‘m not sure, that this depends on onvif or if it is a general PTZ Problem of netcam. Anyhow, this is really the pain in the ass. In general, i‘m really happy with NCS, but this bug causes a lot of problems for me…


Can you please check if it is different between Windows client, web client and APP.
I am forwarding this to @Steve for investigation.


I already reported the bug here (4 months ago): PTZ often does not stop, when using App or WebUI
I’ll check, if the behavior is everywhere the same.


Solved PTZ often does not stop, when using App or WebUI

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