Overlays not visible anymore after update


I have updated my Netcam Studio server and client x64 to version
Now my overlays are not visible anymore while the are visible when I open the overlay editor.
Tried several things such as deleting an recreate overlays, repair installation but no go.
When I activate the overlay / watermark option (just for testing), same thing. Visible in the overlay editor but not in the live views.

Do you have a clue?


Hi Ron,
Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue, but we never give up :slight_smile:
-Which was the earlier version?
-When you Save the overlay and it will not show up on camera can you check the Event list or the logfile if there are any errors concerning this.
-Since you have done an update I assume that you have the camera configuration from the earlier version. If you create a new camera and add an overlay what happens then?


Hi Henrik,

Earlier version was 1.5.6 (not sure)
Create a new cam, no go.

But…, I can reproduce the problem :slight_smile:
When I use the overlay editor to create an overlay, nothing appears to the live view.
When I use the overlay / watermark option to create a watermark, nothing happens.
When I delete the overlay created by the overlay editor, the watermark appears.
When i insert an image or text with the overlay editor, everything dissapears.

I found out the problem. Insufficient rights to the path where the png files are.
Unchecked the read only box en voila everything works. Except the overlays I have deleted during test :sob:

Anyway, Thanks for your quick response Henrik, keep up the good work and have a nice day.

Excellent! Yes, I forget this rights. The interesting is how it can be like that. Did you install/update under different accounts from the original?
Thanks, we do our best to keep our users happy :slight_smile:
Have a good one you to.