Passing parameters to NCS in the URL

I would like to access NCS from internet by passing the username, password, multiview type and the interface language (french for example) directly in the URL as parameters.

Something like http://[ipaddress]:[port]/client/multi/login?login=admin&password=123456 language?

What are all the parameters that can be passed?

Thank in advance for your help. Daniel

Hi Daniel,
On NCS support page there is a link to how to work with webAPI and available commands.

albeit in PowerShell, and utilizing a few modifiable variables to then construct several URLs… have a look a the code/script in this example applet:

and specifically

which in effect leverage in in so doing demonstrate the use of URLs to access and automate a few basic functional NCS service capabilities:
-logon (line204),
-enumeration of various status messages from the server (line 256, 264, 287, 925, etc),
-start/stopping motion detection (lines 350 & 374)

enjoy & best regards

Excellent! Thanks very much for sharing!