Password reset for admin

I used NetcamStudio on a PC long ago to experiment with it. Now I really want to use it, but I don’t remember the admin password (which I obviously did change).
I have tried to re-install NetcamStudio, and physically deleted all moonware/netcam folders I could find, deleted some register entries, re-install again, but still I cannot enter the NetcamStudio client.
So, the question is, how can I reset or clear the admin password without knowing it?
Hope you can help! Thanks in advance.

Start NCS X, blue icon. Go to Users and there you can change logins. NCS as a service must be stopped first if it runs. The folder you are looking for is in ProgramData-Moonware-…

Hello Henrik,
Many thanks, that did the trick! I was obviously looking in the wrong direction…

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