Plugins not loading - solved

I get error while loading server
GetAvailablePlugins Failed
Exception Detail:String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

.net framework is installed
Windows 10 64bit
I have tried to uninstall and install.

What can be wrong?

Hi Ardi!
Check the date and time settings on the computer. This have caused some problems before.

Hi Henrik

Date and time are correct.
Can it be that I use Estonian time format? Should I change it?

In principal it should not be any problems, but change it since I really like to know if that cause this error. Another thing, you installt NCS as an administrator?

I changed under regional setting everywhere Estonia to English (United States), restarted computer and voila plugins are loading and working now.

Thanks for this. I think we need to look at this if it is a bug or a feature ;).
Hope the rest oif NCS works as expected!