Possible problem with GlassWire

Configuration : Windows 10 14393 Asus S56CM I7 16 GB RAM
GlasWire Version 1.2.79

GlassWire Control Service uses over 25% of my CPU when I use Netcam Studio

I suspect a conflict with GlassWire and Netcam Studio

The problem appears when I run Netcam Studio.
When I quit Netcam Studio, and I try to shut down the GlassWire service the CPU rises to 50% and the service stops with an error message that says the service can not be stopped.
I have to kill the GWCtlSrv.exe task. Then I can restart the service.
The problem reappears when I reconnect the GlassWire interface, but only if the Netcam Studio server is enabled.

In fact, the problem is systematic when I start the Netcam Studio Server and disappears after a minute when I stop it.

Hi Maurice and welcome to the forum!
GlissWire is new to me, but looks interesting. I have no idea what might cause the problems for the moment, but check this. Start GlissWire. Then start NCS X and check the log on the screen. Do you have any red/orange text that signals some problems? Also, NCS use 3 ports; 8100, 8120 and 8124. Check if that might cause the problem.
I am out of office for the moment, but back on track on Monday when I can continue with this.

Hi Henrik,
Thank you for your help.
There is no red line in the log file.NetcamStudioX work well at 7.5% of CPU and 30% with monitor for 3 webcam PC+2 IP Cams.
The client work well and mobile app too.
GWCtlSrv.exe pass 0.7% CPU to 25% when Netcam server start.
If I stop GW service when netcam is runing, stoping failed with dump file for GWIdlMon.exe and GWCtlSrv.exe up to 50% CPU.
If I stop netcam server GWCtlSrv.exe down to 0.7% in 2 to 5 mn.
I see ports 8100 and 8124 in Widows 10 Firewall but not 8120 listed.
If I shutdown Windows 10 Firewall no change.
If I block NCS on GlissWire Firewall no problem with GWCtlSrv but Cam IP don’t work.
Same on 32 and 64 bit of NCS

You can see the log on GlissWire here.

I just test version 1.2.88 of GlassWire but idem.

Hi Maurice,
Now I have installed GlassWire, System Explorer and NCS. I am following the procedure you describe above, but I do not get the error when I stop the GlassWire Service. When I stop that and the GUI is running the CPU load goes down to 0. When NCS is running the CPU load of GlassWire increases a lot, but nothing strange is going as I can see it. It behaves as expected. I would do the classical one and reinstall everything.
Thanks for the tip of GlassWire and System Explorer. Very helpful applications!

Thank you for your action,
Have you done the test with IP webcam?
For me the problem only appears with this type of webcam and never with the Webcam USB or webcam PC.

Yes, I had an IP cam running on NCS. I did it all again and no problems. NCS and GlaasWire use relatively a lot of CPU load, but that is expected. No errors at shut down.

Maybe it’s a problem specific to my webcam or my Internet box.
I’ll see if it changes when I move in late January.
In the meantime I stop the service GlassWire before launching NCS and all that works well.
Thank you for your help.

No problems! Happy moving :slight_smile:

Thank you,
NCS is the best monitoring program on the dozen that I tested.
Really complete and excellent in every way! :slight_smile:

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Two things :

What is the used network bandwidth between NCS and the camera(s) ?

Do you have a fast internet link ? if yes can you stop NCS and do a “big” download with your web browser for example and check if GW CPU goes up ?

My guess is that GW CPU may be high as your bandwidth usage on the machine increase.

Both webcam are part internal hard network and are connected in WIFI.
I have a fast fiber optic network.
No problem loading a video at 6MB / s

For information, I have re-tested today
NCS v1.3.7.2 and GW 1.2.88
The problem only appears two to three minutes after the launch of NCS
GWCtlSrv.exe suddenly goes from <0.7% to 25% CPU
At the same time memory usage increases from 46,700 to 53,000 and increases slowly.
When I close NCS the GWCtlSrv.exe goes from 25% to <0.7% roughly after about two minutes.
At the same time the memory usage changes from 55,000 to 46,780

sorry for late answer I did not receive e-mail notification (not the first time since a few day by the way… Henrik ?), are you using TCP or UDP video streaming to read your cameras from NCS ?

I do not see why GW would be disturbed by a standard TCP/UP flow but I do not think its a NCS problem, in fact it is GW that tries to analyze network traffic and whatever NCS do it’s up to GW to fix the problem.

may be the thread analyzer of SysInternals Process Explorer will show you which thread in the process is using so much CPU (system explorer is very basic tool).

Both cameras are on tcp ports
I also think it’s a GW problem or at least a problem that GW can not handle properly.
Here are the NCS settings for camera access
Cam1: http: // admin: pass@

Config Box TWG870

can you try using RTSP ?

Sorry but I do not know how to do this with the basic hardware I use and I have not seen this protocol in the NCS configuration.
On the other hand, if I stop GW while I use NCS everything goes very well so it’s enough for me.
I point out this problem in case this can be used for product development.
Could using RTSP indicate a solution path for this GW crash problem?

Most likely not. Rtsp is just anther protocol for cams as http. Your cam do not support rtsp that is usually used for cams with megapixel sensors and h.264 to lower need for bandwidth. The need for processor power is increased. As I mentioned I have been running all this with no problems so why GW crashes is probably due to something else. How about low memory?

Hi Henrik,
For the memory, I just noticed that when GW increased to 25%, the memory used by the application also increased and it was re-growing when the problem disappeared.