Problem while starting webcam 7 - antivirus prg blocket the start


Well if the license is more than 1 year old there is no free upgrade to Netcam Studio.We will happily solve the problem if we can reproduce it but it’s not generic and happening on all Windows 10.


Good News. I found the reason for this issue. It was the “AVG Antivirus” which - after an update of the Virus Definition files - recognized webcam7 as a possible threat. I defined an exception for the webcam7 exe and now it works fine.
Regards Ralf


Hi Ralf!
Thanks for the information and good the hear that problem solved. Yes, these antivirus programs are a little bit too picky sometimes ;).

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Hi Ralf,
That works fine too for me now, after i defined an exception in AVG
Thank’s for that, you are the best !



Excellent! A lot of happy people here! We like that ;).