Problems with Multiple view in IE11

Hi guys! Just discovered the following.
Multiple view in IE 11 do not work properly. When connecting to NCS and changing to multiple view it defaults to 2x2 videos and the icon says 1x1. When changing the icon to something else 1x3, 3x3 … nothing happens. Still a view of 2x2 videos. Previous and Next do not work either. Librarys seems to work.
Tested in win 7/8.1/server2008R2. Same result with NCS 119 and 120RC1.
Using Firefox and also in OS X it works very fine ;).

@Admin , I checked on my IE 11 and also have the same issue. Can you help to check this?

Hi all!
Fixed this bug. Microsoft still goes it’s own way.
Replace WebServer/iconselect/js/iconselect.js with latest version from github:

It will be included in the next release


Thanks. I tested to get into the github and downloaded the app, but still I am not quite sure how to download just that file? Do I have to go all-the-way to become a member or is it some easier way just to download the file above?

No need to register, just click on “Raw” and then save what browser opens

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