Problems with Netcam studio X

Hi guys,

Im new with netcam, and so far its looking pretty good.
Im having some issues with adding my onvif cameras, they just dont show up on the list. I found a workaround where i add the cameras as a custom url, (rtsp://login:pass@ip:554///0) but its a little annoying to do it like that.

I’ve tried also connecting to my dropbox account, but when i click “login” the program takes me to the dropbox login screen, i log in, and then nothing happens.

Did the devs stop developing this program?

Thanks in advance!


I fixed the dropbox issue, by clicking the small dropbox icon on the top right side and ticking off “Enabled” then i tried loggin in again, and this time it worked :smile:

Now i just need to work out how to find my cameras other than typing it in as a custom url.


Hi Martin! These small checkboxes are rather important sometimes ;). There is a new version 1.2.8 just released so check that one. However, in version 1.2.7 ONVIF have problems. It works for some cameras and others not. If it is not a template for this cam the only way is to use Custom URL which I think is the best. Many of us use that. Since you have the correct rtsp it is great. Finding the correct rtsp is a little bit tricky, but googling usually solves this ;). I agree that it is a great software so I also hope they continue the development.