Rebooting server lost settings

The flowing settings reset:

  • Source Order
  • Motion Capture Settings
  • Time Lapse Settings

How do I enforce a write of these settings so I can reboot?

If you run Netcam Studio as a Service Windows should close the program properly even at a Reboot. Running NCS X, blue icon, will have some configuration files open for read/write and if a reboot is made like a crash this can sometimes mess up these files. When NCS X is closed by an Exit these files are closed properly. One can do a manual Save of these files after a change by a click on the Save icon under Settings

However, if running NCS X on the Desktop I would recommend to do an Exit of NCS X before a reboot to be safe.

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This is running as a Service. I clicked save where it was available and closed the Client. I expected the setting files to be updated. They were not - how do we raise a bug for this? I do not want to update my settings every time I reboot my server.

I specifically lost Sources Ordering, and camera settings (Motion Detection Detection Zones, Motion Detection Trigger Duration, Time Lapse Frame Duration, Time Lapse Frame Duration Unit, Time Lapse Encoding Method, and Scheduler).

I don´t believe this is a bug since I myself and other don´t have this issue. To work correct NCS use ports 8100, 8120 and 8124. Make sure nothing else is using these ports. I would also do a clean installation.

Just because you don’t think it’s a bug doesn’t mean it’s not a bug, Henrik. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Those ports are open. It’s a clean install. How do I raise this as a bug?

-What OS are you running NCS on?
-You have been running NCS for some time and suddenly this problem started?
-Did Windows just made an update?
-Any more details that can help us recreate this is valuable.

Q. Server OS
A. Window Server 2016 Essentials

Q. Occurrence of problem
A. I’ve waited nearly 10 years for a good cheap RTSP compatible camera to replace my very aging Linksys WCV80N. Now that I have 4 Wyze v2 cams, I am testing NCS more thoroughly that I have before. This is as a prelude to purchasing a license.

Q. WIndows Update
A. No, Windows did not make an update. I had to power down the server for a hardware change.

Q. Any other details?
A. This morning I set the parameters again and quit NCS Client using the formal “Quit” option rather than just using the X in the corner. The server is currently turned off, but when I boot it back up I shall check the settings and let you know.

Thanks, I´ll forward this.

After the server was booted back up following a move, the following was found:

  1. One old source was removed - this reappeared
  2. One new source was added - this disappeared

Please pass these updates on.

Currently, if I want to keep the settings active for the server, it feels like I have to keep it running. This isn’t ideal.

I’ve never had this issue. Whether it be a planned reboot, or a hard reboot (loss of power), all settings and sources are as they were before the reboot…

I understand that you haven’t. I have, and am attempting to recreate the issue.

Further testing has confirmed that using NCS 1.7.2 I lose the following settings after a reboot:

  • Motion Capture settings
  • Time Lapse settings

I have tried the following:

  • Editing source details then going to settings, making a setting dirty, then saving
  • Closing the client using the X
  • Closing the client using Logout
  • Closing the client using Exit

Each reboot of the server was done at least 2 hours after adjusting the NCS settings.

Let me know if more logs or tracing is required.

Further testing confirms the issue is not consistent.

After ten days of uptime (16-May-2019 - 26-May-2019) the server was rebooted. The settings for notification by email were previously enabled, then turned off. After the reboot the email notifications were enabled.

Action taken:

  1. Logged into server
  2. Reviewed status of each source
    • Lost Timelapse settings on source 2 - updated
  3. Disabled email notifications
  4. Made a setting dirty to allow settings to be saved to see if this forces the client to update the server settings
  5. Confirmed settings were updated in Event Log

Will report back after the next server update.

I have similar problems, sometimes the settings are reset to some previous one. Here is some example.

Note #1

  • My Camera Nr.2 has been set weeks ago to continuous recording with 5 min timelimit
  • cca two weeks ago I modified it to motion detecting, it worked as expected
  • some days ago I just noticed there is no motion alert from that camera, but I have lot of recordings
    Settings are restore to previous one!

Note #2
I switched on push notification just for curiosity. Some days later I switched off, because I don’t want use this feature.
Some days later I get push notification again!

Note #3
I set up detection zone as my needs.
Today I had lot of alarms from my outdoor camera (it sees some trees, and weather is very windy) - detection zones are forgotten completely!

When I have started to test this program some months ago, I experienced similar strange things. But the program has been worked well for long weeks. I don’t know what happens when this happens… maybe windows automatic restart after update is the reason.

Otherwise this PC is a dedicated machine, it is running 7/24, no switch cycles, no restarts, no other interrupts.

NCS is running as service, I manage it via NCS Client (from other PC)

+1 request
Could you add a “Clear all” button to library?

Yesterday my windows has been updated, restarted.
(last restart was weeks ago)
Some settings has been restored to previous state.

We are working on this.

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