Record Stream then Display with Delay?

I was wondering if it is possible to record a connected webcam to a stream and then publish that same stream but buffered by 5 minutes…

Hi! No censorship here ;). Just kidding. No, that feature is not implemented in NCS. You can record a stream in 5 minutes and then start on a new video file. The 5 minute video file can then be used by another streaming system. Hm, sounds complicated ;).

Thanks for the quick reply! No, not so much censorship as potential accident-broadcasting of a work-site. Yeah, I figured we’d need to have NCS record the stream, but the issue would be how to play it… I assume we’d use another program for that (though which we’d introduce a delay somehow…) but I don’t know if that second software would be able to move from file to file… I guess I’ll keep looking.