Recording and Motion Detection Together

Is it possible to have Recording and Motion detection together? I have recording set in the scheduler and I would like that to record 24/7, however I would also like motion detection to auto start between specific times. it looks as if I set motion to a certain time, it over-writes the recording times.

Thanks for your help!

Since most users are using the motion detection for recording purposes yes, the scheduler doesn’t allow to schedule at the same time recording and motion detection.

You can use both features at time if you use the motion detection for something else than recording but in this case it will be running all the time.

The problem is I use the motion detection for the alerts part of it. Can you describe how I can schedule motion detection for noon through 8PM but leave recording on?

Thank you

At this time you cannot apart if you disable the constant recording for this period, all you can do in this case is having motion detection all the time enabled if you use the scheduler to record constantly.

If other users seem to need this functionality, we may consider it as a feature request for upcoming versions.

I would be interested in this as well.

I’d certainly like to see this feature too.

It exists since a few version now!

Thanks I hadn’t noticed that Scheduler has this ability - good stuff!! :blush:

I need this feature too.
Continuous recording togheter with Motion detection.
I’m planning to buy the product but really need this feature.


It exists, see the reply from @Admin from June 2015.