Recording Motion and Always


Saw an older thread on this (2-3 years ago), thought I would start my own new one to see if this is possible now.

So my current setup is Netcam Studio paid version running on a computer with 4 cams. I have this computer setup to record on motion for all 4 cams and I save recordings for a month. The problem I’ve ran into is that it doesn’t always pick up everything I want it to (a person walking on the outer edge of the screen, a dog in my yard, etc.). To ensure I always get what I want recorded, I am running a second version (free version) of Netcam Studio on a second computer with those cameras set to record 24/7. Due to space limitations I only save these recordings for a week.

For most scenarios this works great. If there’s something the normal motion detection doesn’t pick up, I can go check the secondary install and find the recording. I like to keep the motion detection version running because it’s much easier to look through events and see most things that happened this way.

So my question is, can I somehow achieve both motion and constant recording from the same install? It would save one complete computer from being needed, as well as allow me to see all streams without the watermark on cameras 3&4 on my install that records 24/7.


Reading through again, I guess maybe what I’m trying to do is sort of available. I don’t use alerting, what I’d like to be able to do is record 24/7 but also be able to see motion triggered events when viewing from the client,in addition to being able to see the full recordings when I want.


Yes, in schedule mark both motion detection and continuous recording. Since you have both modet and cont recording you can tweak the parameters for the motion detection and test what works.


So in playback/library mode, will there be a way to view only motion triggered events then?


Sorry, but I think I need to take it back. You can schedule both MD and Rec in parallel, but when a MD is triggered there will be a warning message that MD-recording is not made. In the Library mode recordings for MD and Continuous have different icons.


Just an idea. If the camera can deliver two streams connect one stream to NCS/cam1 and use continuous recording. Connect the second stream to NCS/cam2 and use motion detection.


This is an excellent idea, thanks!

Now for the next question this brings up. Is it possible to have different cameras recording to different storage locations? With my current configuration I don’t have enough space to do both to the same storage. In the long run I can get a larger drive but is there a way for now to have 2 library locations and choose which cameras record to which library?


No. In Settings it is only one location for Library.