Remote Desktop WOL

I am running Netcam Studio with usb webcams to see wildlife from a remote cabin with cat5 link to house router. I use WOL to remote start cabin computer and then Remote Desktop Connection to start and then shut down at the session end.

However found using Netcam Studio X from RDC lost the sound sources selected, but using Netcam Studio Service had them in place.

Suggestion: It would be useful to see the usb webcams found in startup, with an option to stop, as any usb missed will renumber the whole setup.

But big thanks for the program - it works for me - where VLC was difficult to start to use.


Hi david!
Can you please give a little more details?
As far as I remember, working Netcam Studio will not let remote computer to sleep, and it will keep all usb connections alive. This is how it’s supposed to work, not sure if it recovers well from sleep mode.

This is how it goes currently. I wake up the remote machine running Netcam Studio with USB webcams, over cat 5 with a magic package.

Then automatically service Webcam Studio Server x 64 starts and all the peer network can access my webcam streams.

At dusk, for example, I can use Remote Desktop Connection and then end with ,Alt +F-4, to remotely close down computer.

This is very convenient to say check out animal/bird action and even the screen can be off while reducing further power costs. I presume sleep is not entered.

To get more usb cameras I can use another machine with Webcam Studio on another port.

Interestingly If I start up by logging locally on the remote machine, I find the service has not started. I think maybe this is because ‘wake on lan’ requires my remote login first so that the service can then start properly - logging on locally, I think, only happens after the services have started, causing the service not to start automatically.

I think my problem losing webcam definitions is solved by closing, if I’ve used Netcam Studio X for editing, running Netcam Studio Server before closing down.

david f

I too use a USB cam (Microsoft Lifecam Studio) with my Netcam Studio (along with 8 IP cams). On my Win 8.1 system, I found that if I move focus to a different windows/application the USB cam turn OFF (i.e. NetStudio running but not the active window). As soon as I make the Netcam window acitve again, my USB cam turn back ON. So when I leave my machine, I make sure the NetStudio app is active.