RunAsService for 32bit version?

Hi, I have been using beta’s of NetCam Studio since the start of the new product and was a Paid WebCamXP user.

I have a dedicated machine running as a DVR, it’s Windows 7, 32bit.

I just updated to the new release, is it true that to run as a service, it’s only in the 64bit version now ?. And 32bit users must use the X version which runs on the desktop ?


No, both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version offer the Service version.

At some point Netcam Studio X was a separate download in which Netcam Studio Service and Client were not included.

Since a few versions Netcam Studio X replaces Netcam Studio Console so the current packages (32+64) include all components:

  • Netcam Studio X (Server)
  • Netcam Studio Service (Alternative Server)
  • Netcam Studio Windows Client
  • Netcam Studio Web Client

The service should be automatically installed and available in the Services Management console. Just ensure that Netcam Studio X is not running before starting it.