Samsung Smartcam URL - Only 1FPS on netcam

I’m trying to get my Samsung smartcam to give me 1080p@30 video stream but I can only seem to reach 1fps as per Netcam overlay. I’ve tried all 5 profiles but netcam still shows 1FPS. How can I get 1080P stream into netcam?

Hi Adrian,
Yes, that is sort of slow. Since you have tested several profiles with the same result it might be something else. However, there are many models so I need the exact model of the camera.
You can also check the following:
-go into the configuration of the camera and make sure that fps is not limited there.
-if you use wifi the signal can be low and limit the fps. Try to use a cable and check if different. Also if you use LAN over the electrical system it can slow down a lot.
-in NCS go to Settings and the tab Client settings and make sure that the fps is not set to 1 fps.
-it can also be the computer that is to slow for this. Enable motion detection or continuous recording and check the CPU Load in the task manager so it is not 100%.

That´s what I have for the moment.