Scheduled recording when using NCS X Server


I’m using NCS X Server to monitor and schedule my video stream. I can set the recording schedule to always record (24 x 7) and it will activate and function fine, for a few times.

If NCS X Server is restarted, say about the fourth or fifth time, then the camera does not go in to auto record mode per the scheduled setting. If I right click on the live feed and select Scheduler then all of the previously set settings for record (24 x 7) are gone. I have to go and recreate, again, the 24 x 7 recording schedule.

If I manually start to record from the red button then it will start to record and show the red border around the live feed. I opened the event logs and it says:

Start Recording ignored - Recording is already in progress [Current: Scheduler / Requested: Scheduler]

It looks like the scheduled settings are not holding their values and the log file seems to think everything is fine when it is not.


Thanks for info. Question is if everything is stored, but not presented correct. What Windows version are you running? NCS version 1.7.2?


Hello Henrik,

I’m running NCS (x64) on Windows 10 Home.

Even when the NCS event log file says Start Recording Ignored - Recording is Already In Progress I can open the library path to where the videos are being stored and see that no file has been created.

I prefer to run the Server version and not use the NCS service in Windows.