Session timeout direct after logon


I have setup Netcam Studio webserver on https port 443 and but it behind MS WAP 2016 Proxy server which publises the site on the internet.
Because Netcam does not have the option to work with Windows or SAML or any other external authentication provider, i am trying to use a proxy as preauthentication service. Should work like this, first authenticate on the proxy and then get access to the website.
I have setup the proxy to authenticate against active directory via ADFS.
This works fine, the proxy authenticates and published the logon page of the netcam studio webserver.
But after logon to the server, i get “your session has timed out” and i am in logout.
After logon i see the page building up but before this ends the time out kicks in.
How does the webserver determine that there should be a time out?
If i understand how that works i maybe can configure the proxy different.
I also tested the WAP proxy without preauthentication and then i have no problems.


Hi there,
This is really out of my league, but discussion of proxy have been up before. I did a search in the forum for proxy and found some posts. Have you checked them?
There is a timeout for security and it is about 10 minutes or so. If you login from the web client you need to login again after about 10 minutes I think it is.
Here you can find the log files C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Logs

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