Supported Cameras Sony SNC-EP550


Dear Sirs,

Does anyone know if Webcam XP supports the network camera SNC-EP550 made by Sony or not?

According to Webcam website, SNC-EP520 is supported by Webcam XP.

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I checked the specifications for the two cams and it seems the difference is that EP550 support 1080p and EP520 support 720p. Do you have to use WebcamXP? If not I suggest you use Netcam Studio which is the next generation of webcamxp and support IP cams better. Both cams support the ONVIF standard which connect the cams video and audio more easy to NCS.
If you want to use webcamxp I say use the template for ep520.


Hello, Henrik,

Thank you for your information!
Since we are not sure if the software we want to use with is compatible with Netcam Studio,
at this point we have to use Webcam XP.

We will make sure the compatibility of the software.

Thank you for your kindness!

Best Regards