Switch to to turn on/off motion detection for all cameras easily

I can’t find a way to do this: just simply flip motion detection on/off with one button press in an easily accesible area. It would be very helpful when leaving the house to just flip it on, and flip off when coming back home, if outside of scheduled hours.

For example, on the app it could be a button right there as soon as you log in (or even better a widget on Android).
On the webserver, it should be right there too when you log in. In fact, in the mobile UI I don’t see a way to turn motion detection on and off at ALL, which if that is the case is a big step down from how webcam 7 PRO worked (it was a switch under Admin settings there).



Actually, the NCS is a step up from the webcam generation and is designed to run 24/7 in surveillance systems. However, I will forward your suggestion.


I too would like the use of a widget to toggle motion detection for all cameras. Is this something that NCS would develop or is it feasible using an API call?

I’ve no real programming experience so it would be great if you could point me in the right direction.


Hi Mike!
The WebAPI connect to one cam at a time so it will need one command per camera. I will have a discussion with our developers how this will fit into the road map of NCS.
Check this link which actually is for enable/disable motion detection using WebAPI. My experience about this is only from the forum so I have not the knowledge to assist you further, unfortunately.


Well it’s currently not available in any client (web, mobile or windows) but feasible through the web api (one source at time so it requires looping through the sources).

At this stage, it’s not a scheduled feature and i don’t know if it will be (however you’re not the first one asking so it could be added at some stage, probably in the mobile app)