Unable to write to NAS when started as a service

Netcam Studio v1.1.8.5 (using the Netcam Studio X (Server) 64-bit icon) has been saving to my Seagate GoFlex Home NAS for over 6 months and all was fine. However, when I enabled it as a windows service and use only the Netcam Studio Client 64-bit, it was not able to write to the NAS. It was getting access denied. Is there a way to involve Netcam Studio as a service running under a specific account or give that service rights to the NAS?

I have tried using both the UNC path and mapping a local drive on my computer and the results are the same.

When I switched back to using Netcam Studio X (Server), all is fine again.


That was very tricky for me also. I did the following to use the NCS as a service. I am using NCS 1.2.7 and if you can I suggest you upgrade as well.

  1. When using the NCS as a service I had to switch the Service Log On to “This account”. It must be an account with administrator rights. I actually used the Administrator account.
  2. On my Synology NAS I created a specific account just for NCS to login to and a folder only for NCS.
  3. On the computer running NCS I logged on to the NAS and the folder with the new user/pwd and saved that.
  4. In the settings of the NCS I pointed the storing of data to the NAS and the folder where NCS should store videos. Save.

If everything goes well NCS should create folders Recordings and Thumbnails and store data directly. You can see that in the Events. It should only be green dots ;).

Exactly, by default the service runs as “Local System” which is an account that has no rights to perform any network operation and will not be recognized by your NAS.

It’s important in this case to run the Netcam Studio Service from a user account which has the right to access your NAS and it should then work.