Uncertain about Pricing Tiers

I am looking for an alternative to my current Contacam camera setup I got installed to make sure my grandmother is fine in her house. I really like Netcam but I am unsure about the pricing. I would need to connect to six sources max. Ideally, I would get to that six sources with the 4 sources upgrade, but that only works if the 2 free sources I already have with the free version do not count into the 4 sources I get with the 4 sources upgrade, in which case it would be too expensive for me as I would have to go up to the 67 Euro upgrade to be able to immigrate my existing camera setup.
Thanks for clarifying!
Daniel from Berlin

Hi Daniel,
A license for 4 sources gives you 4 sources. Source 5 and above have a red banner across the image.
License for 16 sources gives you 16 sources with a red banner over source 17 and above.

Just as I feared. Its unfortunate there isn’t a more modular way of adding additional cameras. I will have to keep looking for an alternative then. Thank you very much for your quick response!