URL with token to specific Camera


I was just wondering if anyone has tried to create a URL for the Web Viewer including the Token that will open a specific camera?

I was able to do it to a JPEG still image of the camera by using something like this:

I tried replacing jpeg with mjpeg, mpeg etc, but no luck (not that I really thought it would work!)

Would even be happy if it went to the multiview page, but without requiring a username and password.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve just checked, /MJpeg works for me if I open it in video player. Doesn’t work in browsers however, probably it’s missing some headers. Try also /Live which is for h264 video stream.


Try creating html file with this content:
<img src=“http://IP_Address:8100/mjpeg/2?authToken=875e9876e-88cf-403e-8f85-875d4e6adfe51” />
It will display mjpeg stream from Netcam Studio.