View Feeds from Multiple Locations



Hey Everyone - I dont see this topic yet, but I’m hoping I get some assistance.

I would like to setup cameras at another geographic location, and i’m not sure if Netcam can support that and I’m not sure how to get it setup. I currently have two cameras setup at my house (the feed and Netcam studio works fine), and now i’d like to setup two more cameras at a different house.

My license allows for 4 cameras, so I should be fine there. And I’m assuming I will need to install the Netcam Server on a PC at location #2. From there I assume I put the IP addresses of the two new cameras at my home location server.

Anyway, can someone confirm if this will work and what the steps would be to get it setup. Thanks!


Yes you need another Netcam Studio to communicate with the local cameras and then from your home instance you can connect the remote instance as it also was a local camera (just using Netcam Studio as brand / model as reference).

However licenses allows to connect up to 4 cameras on your server but it’s by server and doesn’t allow to do 2 + 2 on different servers (however you can still install the free version there).