Vista Camera VK2-1080VFDIR37e


Can you please advise if there is a similar configuration for this camera please. Details of the camera can be found at

The camera I have is new but has been replaced with a 3MP version, however, i understand the operation and design is the same.

Thank you.

The link ends up with many different cams, but is it this one ?

If it is I can see from the specification that the camera is ONVIF compliant which is a standard how to connect cameras in surveillance systems. So when you add the camera in NCS use the tab ONVIF Source. Enter necessary information and in Profiles you should have what the camera can offer.
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Yes, it is. I am just experimenting with this now and have had some success.

Thanks for your help.

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Excellent! When the communication works you can always do some fine tuning in the cinfiguration in the camera. It seems to be an advanced camera with a lot of nice features.