Window Sizing Issue

I’m trying to switch from WebcamXP to Netcam Studio. I’m having a problem where I cannot configure any of the features due to a sizing issue with the GUI.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m running

Please describe the “sizing” issue.

… or post a screenshot.

I apologize. I wasn’t allowed to just upload a picture due to having a new account.

Here’s the issue.

Is it only this screen or other as well ?

Looks like we don’t have good support for Big Fonts (120DPI) when this option is activated.

Which version of windows do you have and how what are you Large Fonts settings ? We’ll try to replicate the problem and see if we can fix for upcoming versions.

Hi, I have the same issue; the webcam 7 Pro screen is square and cuts off the cameras on the right. This happens only to the this one application. Please let me know where I can change the frame size or release a change that allows window re-sizing.