Windows 10 - Netcamstudio now doesn't start

Had to restart my Windows 10 Prof box and it did a few updates.

Now Netcamstudio will not even start.

I just get a nice box saying:

Netcam Studio Client - x64 has encountered a problem…
Invalid Character in the given encoding. Line 1, position 1.
Please tell Moonware studios…

If I hit send error report it gives an error sending (nice!).

Any ideas?

Hello, What version of Netcamstudio are you using… I’m on 1.2.0 RC and Netcan Studio Client - x64 is working on my Windows 10 machine, however the NetcamStudio server is running on another machine running Windows 7 Pro

Unfortunately no. We have been testing and several users are using Netcam Studio with Windows 10 and seems to work fine.

The problem seems to be somewhere else but I don’t think it’s due to the operating system.