wrong (older) thumbnail sent by email

We are using a licensed version of NetCam Studio (32bit because we use a USB local attached webcam), running as a service.

My task:
Once a day at a specified time, a picture has to be taken and sent by eMail

My problem:
eMails are sent successfully at the specified time. The created thumbnail in the folder \ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Library\Thumbnails has a correct timestamp, but the picture in the mail is definitively not actual (older). For testing purposes, I aligned the camera to a real-time clock with calendar display.

My settings:
Scheduler: record a video each weekday (Mon-Fri), starting at 5pm.
Maximum recording duration: 35 min so that only one video and only one thumbnail are created (the scheduled recording duration is at least 30 min.)
Retention Period for the library: 2 hours in order to assure, that older videos/thumbnails are deleted when sending the next eMail
Active Rule: when “RecordingFinished” then “SendEmail” with “Attach Pictures = True”

Do you have any recommendation how I should configure NetCam Studio to get the correct picture in the email?

I remember something about this … Somewhere in a cache there is a picture, but I am not sure where. I suggest a clean installation.
-start installation program and use Remove.
-go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server an delete all.
-go to C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Roaming\Moonware (change henrik to your account) and delete all.
-go to C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Moonware (change henrik to your account) and delete all.
-install Netcam Studio again.


Hi Henrik,

as recommended, I have uninstalled Netcam Studio, deleted all files and also the user profiles but it does not help. I found that each time, the Netcam Studio Server Service is started (e.g. after computer restart), a thumbnail is created and this one is sent with the next mail. Also when Netcam Studio Client is started, a thumbnail is created and used for the next mail. I was not able to find these thumbnails on the whole harddisk.

For my task (see my first posting) I’m now using the following workaround:

By default, the Netcam Server Service is stopped (start type is “manually”). A few minutes before the mail is created, I’m starting this service (net start …) with the Windows scheduler and a few minutes after the mail is sent, I’m stopping this service (net stop …) with Windows scheduler. With this procedure I have now a correct and actual picture in my mails.


Hi Joachim,
Thanks for feedback! I will do a setup and see if I can recreate what´s happening. Most likely a picture is taken when the service/client is started and saved in RAM and not on the disk. When the email is sent it use the copy/paste and take the picture in the RAM and attache to the email. Your workaround support this since when you stop/start NCS the “copy/paste-book” is cleared.
I will set this up and hopefully I get the same result.

Hi again,
I can confirm that there is something fishy going on here and I can recreate the situation. I forward this to our developers.