Axis 211m with RTSP



I have a Axis 211m, which supports RTSP. I can connect with VLC towards the following URL:
When I use this URL in any custom URL mode (RTSP_UDP/TCP/HTTP/MPEG4) the camera doesn’t show up.
The default 211m template in NCS only supports MJPEG. I want to switch to MPEG4 to use the audio of the camera.

I also tried some other templates, like the 211 W, but no luck. Any suggestions?



Hi Mitch,
The one I have seen before is

rtsp_tcp or mpeg4 or mpeg4/http://xxxxxxx





I’ve tried the proposed url’s, but they don’t work, both in NCS and VLC.
Strange thing is that rtsp://root:xxx@ IS a valid URL, and works perfect in VLC, but NCS shows “Connection with rtsp://root:****@ has been lost. Will try to reconnect in 1000ms…”


The mpeg4/media.amp seems to be correct in some way since it finds the camera. If you try
and set stream type to mpeg4.