AXIS M1054 Network Camera - no sound



i have 2 AXIS M1054 Network Camera and they are connecting and working apart from the sound.

when i test the connection i get the message: Audio failed with error: Not Tested

however the sound on the cams are working, if i login to the camera directly via a web browser i can turn on the audio and hear

any help appreciated


Hi Mike,
I assume that you connect the cameras with the predefined template for M1054 and h264/RTSP?

If that do not work connect the cameras using the Custom URL.
-set stream type rtsp_tcp
-address is rtsp://username:password@cameraIP/axis-media/media.amp

The above URL should give you video and audio.

Please, report back how it goes. If the predefined template do not work I need to check what is wrong with is.


Looking to install Axis A8105 or Doorbird door camera

Hi Henrik

thanks, ill try that, however i need to put the software on a different machine as the one i originally installed on is not quite powerful enough

I did submit a support ticket here: however i have not had a response as yet



the custom URL works now on the client software with the audio

however the audio does not play on a mobile device?


Hi Mike,
Thanks for info. Yes, I was suspicious about the template. I will correct it for Axis cameras.
There is no audio in the App for Android and iOS. Problems is the different formats. To let NCS encode also for these different formats will take too much cpu usage. With the web client you have audio.