Firefox JPEG Source Code


Why can’t I get anything JPEG to display in firefox? Displays fine in IE and Chrome.


I am using Firefox v. 42 and 43 on windows and OSX with no problems. When you select Streaming mode: motion, mjpeg or live. Does that work?


Actually figured it out after months of banging my head. Firefox does not like width="-1". Once i set it to a fixed width it works fine.


Had to go back and change it on 6 sites. I have 12 cameras, and 2 each on separate pages, with total 400 users, cpu is nice and 55%


Interesting. What system, OS cpu …, do you use?


Using a VM on Xenserver with 8 cores, 2.93Ghz, 12 gb ram. Server 2008 R2 Have connected to a 1gig internet connection on Cogent.


Thanks! Thats why only the 55% ;). I have the same system, but only 4 Cores, 4gb ram and 15 mixed HD and vga cams with a cpu load of 99% ;). It works, but its on the edge. The NCS software runs very well which I am very happy for.


Yeap, more cores the better. Love the software, soon i’ll be upgrading to more sources.