New event type for motion/audio detection started/stopped


I’m using a home automation and I’m using the Netcam Studio API to start motion detection on my cameras when certain conditions are met in the home automation system. However I’d need to send a http request to confirm that the motion detection is activated. In the rule manager I’d really need a few additional events (called condition types in Netcam Studio); MotionDetectionActivated, MotionDetectionDeactivated, AudioDetectionActivated, AudioDetectionDeactivated



Interesting applications! I really like when people are doing theirs own systems! When you send a http command to NCS to start/stop motion detection etc. you get a confirmation back from the system. Can´t you use that? I don´t see that a Rule would do it differently since it is just an electrical handshake that is made.


Tjenare Henrik,
The trouble is that my home automation system is only allowing me to send an HTTP request and is not listening for the answer. Quite similar to the HTTP request that can be sent from Netcam Studio rule manager. In both systems I’m only able to enter an URL. So, I still need these events in the rule manager :slight_smile: Please?


okey okey okey! ;). I will forward your suggestion. A new version of NCS has just been released so I don´t know when next one will be out.


How about two weeks sprints? :wink:


Sorry, to disappoint you, but that will not be possible. The plan is for mid September. Holidays months …


Any news on this request?


Sorry to disappoint you, but the developers needed to address some other sort of important changes so your request have not been handles yet. Since NCS already send a confirmation I am not sure if and when this request can be implemented. Also, such a confirmation will only tell that NCS is ready, but will not tell if the whole chain is working. The only way to really acknowledge that NCS, communication link, camera … is really working is to use something else. For security the parameter Source connection lost might be of interest. Since you have a separate system you can check directly in the cam that it works. Or …

It must be better to use Source connection lost. That actually includes modet or audiodet, communication link, camera, power supply, …