Recordings, forced re-start


Since Windows 95 and WebCamXP ver ??.

I have used Windows “shutdown” nightly to reboot the camera recording computer.
“c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -F -R”

Just noticed that the last recorded file prior to re-start with NetCam Studio,
is not playable in VLC (not tried any other player, cause I only have VLC & WMP installed).
This was NOT a problem with WeCamXP…

I assume this is caused from not closing the video file prior to re-start.

Any suggestions ??

Perhaps NetCam could have a option to reboot daily at specific times, to
resolve this.


Since you do a controlled reboot why not exit NCS in a controlled way before that. There are software watchdogs, but I am not sure if they will fix this. If it´s only a question about NCS use windows internal system for starting and stopping processes.


My apologies.
I obviously, said something wrong, I’ll try to clarify…

Using Windows “Shutdown” although this may be considered controlled, it is a scheduled event which leaves the computer to do the work on its own…
I have used a scheduled event to do this for over 20 years, when the even took place with WebCamXP, the current recording files, were always playable, which tells me the current files were being closed properly.
This is not the case using NetCam…

If there is a way to tell Shutdown to shutdown a running program, but I’ve never found that in the shutdown /?, (help)…

I wonder if this could be a fault of the OS, I don’t think I’ve ever had WebCamXP running on win7, XP was the last OS installed on that computer.


This is for NCS X /Win10. If I have many cams running in MD or Recording and do an EXIT, NCS should close files properly. I noticed that the files are closed properly and can be played in VLC. But, I also noticed that one file ended up with a size of 1 kB and could not be played in VLC. Can you check if the files that are not playable have the size of 1 kB and is correlated with the time of the forced restart?


No that is not this problem. I would have realized a file of that size would likely be the problem…

These files are 250-300 megs, approx. half an hour…
If there is no way to do this , the only option I thought of, is trying to time the scheduled event so perhaps only a minute or 2 is lost in an unplayable file…

But then the recording timing will advance 1 or 2 minutes each day, till eventually you get a file like I have now, almost a half hour…

I didn’t use -F with shutdown.exe before, I have removed that from the event, I’ll see later tonight if the result is any different…

I will also look for a program that can close a specific program from a scheduled event, from a batch file would be best…


What operating system do you use for NCS?


Win7 64bit.

And removal of the -F, from shutdown had no effect…
So some how XP was able to close the files properly before shutdown.exe caused the reboot, but Win7 is unable to do the same, not surprising…

I am unable to find a program that can close a running program…
I will continue my search.


Just found TASKKILL OS command… Win7

Never heard of it, never used it, never needed it… HAHA

Investigating it use syntax.


Ok syntax is " TASKKILL netcamstudiox.exe ".

WORKS, but unfortunately the last recording files are unplayable…

Again I blame the OS, from this test, I feel this method is no different then the way SHUTDOWN.exe closes the programs before reboot.

I still believe, it would be nice if netcam had a option to close and reboot daily.


I found this possibility if you run NCS as a Service. Test if it might solve it

A the bottom it is an example.


Found NirCMD, abilities seem endless… some abilities one must ask, why?

Command line syntax structure.
Can close running programs, all my tests show this is able to close any damn running program, with no human intervention or dificulties…

Unfortunately when I try to close NetCam with this, all NetCam does is minimize, won’t close… because the corner red X only minimizes… now that’s a problem with NetCam.


I am unable to find configuration to minimize or not for the corner red X…

Most programs allow this to be configured.


That’s the point that it is not possible to close ncs x on top right corner for security. It close the gui, but ncsx continue to run in the backgroud.
Actually, I have not seen any standard program where that is possible to configure.


I am unable to get netcam to start as a service…

Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

Programs that come to mind with corner red X config is WinSCP also utorrent, my chat client (I also run the server for friends & family) Sonork, just to name a few… but there have been many more… Perhaps you just never used a program with this ability…

Anyway enough for today, been screwing with this STUPID problem since 04:30. Fed up!!!


Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion - That is a bug. If you just leave it will start. It is fixed in the upcoming release.


That is a bug where ?? OS or NetCam ?? I assumed the msg was from OS.

That error came up when I attempted to start the service manually…

I then rebooted and waited several minutes only to witness NetCam NOT start…
Checking in services, it was not started, even though I had set to automatic…

I dunno


:slight_smile:, The msg is from OS, but the problem is in ncs. Let it be for 10-15 minutes and it will come around.