Turn on motion detection based on bluetooth range


I have a suggestion which I feel could well be an invaluable feature for many. It would be very useful to allow Netcam Studio to switch motion detection on or off based on a Bluetooth device being within range. Therefore, I could leave my home with my Bluetooth phone and motion detection is triggered upon a lost connection between my Bluetooth phone and the server that hosts Netcam Studio.


In principal everything is of interest. However, could you please describe what the function of the Bluetooth phone is here. I am not sure I get that.


May I suggest something that could may be work “out of the box”, use Tasker on your smartphone (or any automoation app) and let it self-detect your are leaving home then let it call some NCS API to deactivate Motion Detection.

Or create some URL shorcut you can call easy to activate/deactive manually from your smartphone.


Yes, what I implied was that the phone’s Bluetooth is paired to Bluetooth on the server PC but when the connection is lost due to the range, then motion detection within NCS could be enabled. This means when I leave my home, I don’t have to manually access the Netcam Studio Androud app and manually enable motion detection. Similarly, when I arrive home, the Bluetooth on my phone will reestablish connection with my server PC and hence, NCS can be configured to turn off the motion detection, eschewing the need to manually achieve this from the Android app.


Thanks, that looks like a possible workaround.


Thanks, yes I understand now also from Dodfr. Yes, this I like! It´s been several posts in how to automatically enable/disable MD when leaving. Slack was integrated in NCS for some versions ago that should be useful for communication with home systems. We have WebApi. I have not been able to learn more about these things. So if you find a solutions it would be very interesting to learn more about it and if we can share it with other users. I would certainly put in the Guides and Tutorials section.