Webcam 7 image problems


Hello, afert several months of normal use yesterday i’m experiencing image problems.
The cam are all OK (tyested connecting directoly to thei internal web server) and are supported Foscam FI8904W, the S.O. is Windows 7 SP1 32bit.
The error i get is: “[1] JPEG Decoder : JPEG error #68 (BufferSize :: 60823)” and the image is:

I uninstalled Webcam 7 Pro and installed the newer version (I’m a registered user) without success.
I did a restart of whoile system again without success.
Could you help me, please?
Thank you.



Hi Andrea!
Thanks for reporting. Yes, another user is experiencing the same problem in webcam 7. We are @Steve looking into this to fix is.



Hi Henrik, yes i read the post but is 9 days old since last answer so i decided to post a new one.

Looking for good news from you, thank you for your support!



Hi Andrea!
Can you please support us with which templates / presets since our developer need that to be able to reproduce this. Any more info is also very helpful.


Hi Henrik,

i can send the whole webcam 7.xml file if you provide me a mail address to send if it mey be more helpful.


We start with template and preset, thanks.


The template and preset are the following:

I tried also the other MJPEG templates but the problem is the same.

Thank you.




Hello, found anything?


Sorry. Forwarding again to @Steve


Unfortunately not much news no. I used to have one of these foscam camera but i gave it away for free since i had no use anymore.

I have tried other mjpeg templates / cameras and didn’t notice anything particular. I actually would need to have access to the camera to investigate further.