1.5.1 won't save/remember my source camera info

I have to “add video source” everytime i restart 1.5.1

Is this a known bug? Anyone can help me out?


Hi Ian,
Thanks for reporting. Yes, this is known and will be changed in the next release. However, I have the feeling that something else is going on here. Do this happen even when you end the program normally by Exit? I would appreciate if you can test this. When you have added some cameras go to the settings menu and click on the big saving button

Exit NCS and start again. Are the camera settings there or are they gone?


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If Netcam Studio exits properly then settings should be saved.

Does it crash sometime on your system (or do you kill it using task manager) ?

If not, then refer to the logs. If there is a problem saving settings it must be stated there (ensure you enable logging to file first).

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Thanks for your quick reply @Henrik and @Steve.

The BIG save button worked, and further, I downloaded 1.5.2 and it is working perfectly.

I’ll also note - the latest “Netcam Studio” iPhone app is all working perfectly for me as well.

cheers again. Great update.

Thanks for reporting back.