1.5.4 Very Stable. Just wish we had better camera support for audio on foscam and china cameras

1.5.4 has been so stable. I am very impress by the amount of support to get it to this point over the past few weeks. I was able to demo it for some of my clients and they just love it. I can’t wait to see the next builds.

The only thing I wish is to get audio working on older foscams and other older cameras. foscam fi8910W audio works via url in VLC just fine and other software, Just not in netcam studio.

If you guys are willing to try and get it working I can give you access to that camera and the working Audio video URL to that camera. Fixing this would fix most of the older foscams and other China cameras.

Glad you like 154 and your customers! That camera has certainly been up for discussion before, but we don´t give up :slight_smile: I sen you a PM for details.

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If you can open access to its RTSP and its HTTP streams so that it’s reachable over internet, I can either have a look or ask one of my developer to do so.

Either give us admin access to it or post a screenshot of the administration page of the camera related to the audio settings because I think I already implemented support for this one in the past.

But yes good news about 1.5.4, it’s been running fine on our end as well. It was really this deadlock related to the new performance metrics module which causes a few systems to lock randomly but good that we figured out quite quickly and managed to sort it out after a few builds.

I sent Henrik23m the pm with the access the older cams do not do rtsp it is like .asf

I will also pm you the info also.

if it’s asf then it’s probably just because it relies on old MS codecs that we did not include and handle in our ffmpeg distribution. However asf is really long time outdated…