1 camera disconnects periodically

I’m still trying to troubleshoot this, and can’t tell if it’s a camera issue or a software issue.

I have 7 camera’s, 5 of one Model, 2 of another. These are cheapo PoE cameras from Amazon. King Kong Smart brand. I don’t even think it has a model number. its the 2560x1440P model:

Of the 5 identical camera’s I have issues with one, so I am leaning toward a hardware issue.

About once a week this 1 camera just disconnects. but its not the Blue screen as if I unplugged it, it has the last image frozen as a still, has a blue bars at the top and bottom of the frame instead of grey, and constantly reports 1 fps. I immediately login to the camera though its own webui, and verify its working fine. Then I fire up netcam studio, Edit Video Source, re-query the ONVIF profiles, pick the same one, save it, and it’s fixed. for about a week.

Any idea what could cause this? and is there anything I can adjust in Netcam studio to some how just force it to reconnect some how periodically, or something along those lines?

Any input is appreciated.

Yes, that’s annoying. Login to the camera and see if you can change decoder, h264/h265. Test to change some other parameter that has to do with data transmission. When you add the camera by ONVIF select another profile and test.
Since it is quite popular to buy these no-name cameras from China I bought a couple of them for test and some works well and some don´t. Looks good on paper, but in reality not always as expected.

Thanks, I tried making some decoder tweaks. I’ll see how it goes.

Forgot to reply here. I had to change this particular camera from a RTSP feed to JPEG feed. I sacrificed frame rate, but it now works all the time.

Since the last update I’ve had the same problem - up until this point it has worked for a few years without issue.

The camera in question is a wireless one in a lift, depending on where the lift is, it can occasionally hit a dead spot in the wifi coverage (the building is 5 floors high)

Have there been changes in Netcam Studio that would cause the reconnecting / self-healing to be less reliable?

The workaround is to disable the source using the client, then re-enable it again.

This is a pain though, because the camera freezes more or less every day.

What camera is it?

It’s a fairly generic Ctronics thing, connected using RTSP_TCP.

Has been working well since up until I upgraded the server to the latest verison.

The new encoder/decoder libraries are a little more narrow specified and that can cause cameras that have not so good electronics or are old problems especially for rtsp. Here are some suggestions in no specific order. You can test to use rtsp_udp. Also in the camera change parameters like fps, bit rate, quality etc. and see if that helps. Also switch between h.264 and h.265. Change to jpg or mjpeg that do not use that decoder. If the cameras support ONVIF standard select another profile.

Have already tried reducing the fps all the way down to 1 fps and the resolution as low as I can without the image being useless. Will try rtsp_udp and see how reliable that is, good shout as UDP should be a bit more resilient shouldn’t it. :+1: