1. Page blocked by AdGuard - 2. Some built-in variables don't show correctly

  1. I am using AdGuard as an adblocker on Windows and Android. No problems.
    However, when I serve a stream using Netcam like ‘http://ip-address:8100/Mjpeg/0’ this page is immediately blocked with an error message “Remote host HTTP protocol error”.
    When I use jpeg instead of Mjpeg (http://ip-address:8100/jpeg/0) the page shows without errors. (But of course that is one picture)
    When I set a user rule in AdGuard (or switch it off), the Mjpeg page shows but that’s only local of course.
    I have never experienced this on any site, exept on this Netcam page. So, I don’t think AdGuard to be the problem.
    I think that the majority is not using AdGuard but it’s still not ok. I hope you can reproduce this behavior.

  2. It seems that some built-in variables are not working in the overlay: $fps, $pfps, $global.memoryUsage and $global.connectedUsers. See the picture.
    In the status bar everything shows but $global.memoryUsage and $global.connectedUsers, they show like in the picture.


  1. AdGuard is not allowed on Google Play Store so therefore nothing I download. However, on a test system I download it and started installation. It asked for password assuming changing in system files and it also wanted me to install something that had to do with VPN which I could not avoid. Therefore I uninstalled it all.
    However, I found another App called Ad Block Plus on Google Play which seems popular. I installed and it generate a proprietary browser. I tested the http links above with both jpeg and mjpeg content and there were no problems. I uninstalled this App as well.

  2. Yes you are correct. Some variables do not show up correct in the overlay. I have reported that.


Hi Henrik,
Ad Block Plus could well be working but I am using AdGuard… :grin:. I bought it.
You can download the Windows version from their website Ad blocker voor Windows AdGuard | Advertenties blokkeren op computer

Thanks, Gerard