10 seconds alert video show less than 10 seconds


I noticed that quite often when I have a small motion alert that trigger a 10 seconds video record (as set in “Trig duration” preference), the Gallery’s list mode show it is 10 seconds video length but when I watch it it is much shorter with only 2 or 3 seconds of video (and the small time counter added bu NCS in the video confirm this short time).

What can be the cause of this behavior ?


Can you please upload 1-2 of these video on dropbox or somewhere?

There 1 known scenario is when the source is providing less than 1 frame per second. when recording we will never allow a unique image to last more than 1 second therefore is during 10 seconds you get only 3 frames from the video sources then the video will be only 3 seconds but i suppose it’s not your case…