2 problems since upgrade. Google Drive Sync and snapshots in library

On login, after entering email and password, I get a script error, followed by a ‘Your browser is not secure’ type message. Seems the same as Amph is having from 02/15 topic.
Also getting snapshots from all cameras (6) in library whenever motion is detected, along with the motion clip.


Sorry, but I don’t understand the second problem.


Apologize for being so vague. Been using Netcam several years, love it.

I have a small 6 cam setup. Have 2 cams with motion 24/7, the other 4 as needed, mostly just live. Have always just received the motion clips from the 2 in the library. But lately with every motion clip I also get 6 snapshots, one from each camera. This fills my storage.

Thought I might have flipped a switch, or check a wrong box by mistake, but cant find any.
Reinstalled 1.9 no different.

Hope you can help.

Check the Rule Manager if for some reason there is a Rule that takes a snapshot when motion is detected.


Thank you. That was it. Some how I must have enabled “new rule”. Probably when I was checking out 1.9.1.

Any progress on the script error on signing into google drive?


Good! We are looking into the other problem.