360 eye, can't connect to NCS


I have bought a 360 Eye (PTZ) camera but I can’t connect to the camera itself.
Tried several URL posted here, but with no result.

It does not support RTSP. I’m using the ONVIF tab. The camera is found and I can configure the device.
It seems that the buildin webserver is inaccessable. I have the 360 Eye app installed on my iphone and that is working perfectly.

What to do now? (I’m running out of possiblities and therefore a few steps away from trashing the camera ;-))

Jos Laenen

Hi Jos,
I cannot find so much information about this camera. Please, give me a link to that.
When you add the camera to NCS you use the tab for onvif source. It finds the camera and you configure it?
The video do not work? The PTZ do not work?

Hi Henrik,
Perhaps you can find more info at www.360eye.cc
With a ONVIF tool I can use PTZ but with no image. In NCS, with the ONVIF tab, the camera in found, but can’t connect. In the appstore you have the 360Eye app. That works perfectly.
Is there a way to intercept the traffic between the app and the camera (to find a url or something).

  • Jos.

Hi Jos,
That the App works is not that strange since the Apps are usually custom designed and sometimes also use proprietary code. To work in NCS and other software the camera need to use standard protocols. Comply with onvif standard is a good way to start and it is nice since ptz usually is the problematic function to make work.
However, here a couple of things that you can do.
1.when camera is added to NCS it sounds that ptz, but not video. You get a blue or red screen saying not connect. At that time go back, but now to the tab for Custom URL. There you now should have the URL for the video. If the URL is an rtsp change the stream type from rtsp_tcp to rtsp_udp or vide versa and save again. If the URL starts with http test to change stream type between jpeg, mjpeg, … This might do the trick quite often.
2.If the ONVIF toll is the ONVIF Device Manager you can find the onvif URL and paste that into first filed in the tab for ONVIF Source. Fill out the rest and connect to the camera.
3.download the PC client and install on your computer and make that work with the camera. There is a tool called Wireshark that analyse the IP data traffic. Use that tool and see what is going on between the camera and the PC. Either they use port 5050? which is a multimedia port and then we are tuck. Or it send the connection string using http and you should find that. Use that URL in the tab for Custom URL.
4.check which ports that are open on the camera. 554 or 10554 is for rtsp. Port 80 should be open to make this work.
5.I assume you have searched the net on this and it is not easy with these cheap chinese cameras :slight_smile: